-How it works-

At güazoo we use pre-made frameworks that have been designed by some of the best developers in the world, saving us time & saving you money in the process. This helps us expedite the construction of your website. We are firm believers in keeping our websites simple so that they are intuitive and user friendly. With that being said, a simple website can still have amazing features that make it look high tech and unique. Here at güazoo you get more than you pay for, we don’t think it should cost you an arm and a leg to establish an online presence. Below are the 4 steps of how we go about developing websites.





This is the most important step. We start out by listening to you. It is during this step that we are able to visualize what you are wanting to create to make your website truly unique. »What type of website do you want? »What features do you want your site to include? »How can we think outside of the box on your website design?



Once we get a grasp on your vision we will start to piece together all of the key elements. We will then present it to you in a very simple way & make sure everyone is on the same page. We have several different website packages that enable us to accommodate to various types of websites.

» Make decisions & Choose Designs

» Set up hosting & buy Domain name

» Install WordPress

» Set up content management system



Now the fun part, we get to work! We start the implementation of your website using all of the information gathered in the previous steps. We remain in constant communication during this process and show you previews of the site as it progresses.

» Customize & Develop the site

» Use graphics/videos/images

» Add content (literature, copy, etc)

» Choose colors & fonts etc



Your website is complete, and now it is time to launch! At this point we will have done rigid testing to make sure everything is ready to go. The site will be audited by both parties and once we have final approval the site will go live!

» Testing

» Review

» Approval

» Launch